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here's looking at you .....43!

Updated: May 6, 2019

I started modeling at midlife, after I turned 43. Why?

Because I gave myself permission, the audacity to try new things .. and learning new things is incredibly alluring to me.

because I was willing to be vulnerable... to failure...or success.

because I have an amazing tribe that cheered me on and said I could!

because truly anything is possible if you want to do it (corny ... but true)

because what is living if we're not taking chances, living fully, intentionally, indulging our passions, facing our fears .. and watching what happens.

because I am a scientist (I have a post graduate degree in Engineering) who is enamored with creative art ... ooh the irony lol!

Over the next series of this blog, I will share my journey, experiences, lessons, random musings, discovery.... best case you join me as we learn important life lessons, worst case, you're entertained - either way, I hope to engage you with my openness and transparency.

This blog is about my mini adventures, my journey on self development, and modeling at midlife.



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