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Just Start .....

New things by nature are daunting. Not knowing, makes you want to stop or stall, but that’s Life ... it’s not knowing but going ahead anyway.

Start. With what you know, and as you do, the ones you don’t become clearer.

When I decided to model, it felt so overwhelming ... and intimidating, So I used the antidote for scary, new, challenging things...... I started somewhere.

I googled ...what is modeling? What does one need to be one? Where and how does one start? Are there midlife models? What did they do? Where are the opportunities? How does one land a gig? What different ways can one model?.... so many questions, so much unknown.

Then I made a running list - Get professional pictures, Build a Portfolio, Create comp cards, Attend modeling events, Fashion shows, Network.........I didn’t know how to go about all of these, but I had a list. And that was a good start.

Then I started on my list, .... I found Modelmayhem, an online site for models and photographers, soon I had done my first photo-shoot, then I found a Facebook group DMV TFP (a group for photographers and models who trade time for prints) more photo-shoots, more pictures. Then my first model call, then my first runway event, then my first online published photo for an online magazine. These firsts.....led to more, my list kept growing, the more I did, the more the ‘unknowns’ became easier, the less daunting it appeared.

And it all started with taking action, from the known, to the unknown.

Taking action creates opportunity for more actions and stimulates your mind for the next step. Now I collaborate with other models, photographers, booked a few fashion events, and I'm still working on my ever changing list. One step at a time. pun intended.

So here's a note to self and I hope it helps .....

When fear mortifies me, or lack of clarity becomes my crutch for not moving forward.

When overwhelmed by it all or it feels that way because I don’t know enough.

When its too confusing, and becomes my reason for why I cannot.

I hope I remember to ..

...... Take a deep breadth, and then ... take a step.


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