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Model Behavior

I lost my aunt recently ...... she was amazing......lived amazing...loved amazing.

She modeled life for many of us.

Regardless of how uncertain or unpopular a path was, if it was in line with her passion, what gave her joy, her dream..... she followed it.

She was a doctor, and a musician, and she excelled in both. She had a thriving private practice, yet went back to school for public health because she had dreams of using her skills (learned and earned)to do good....... and that, she did.

She shared her life so easily, shared her joy, her wealth and cared for children and women in developing communities and did it in a way that she inspired others to do same.

She loved family, so much.

She was my aunt, but she was my sister ... her big outlook to life, her loud laughter, her zest, her ‘can do anything’ approach to everything was a model for me.

This model, mom, Engineer, professional ..... will keep loving each day with passion, constantly learning ... and finding new things to enrich her life and that of her community ... that’s my goal. ‘Cos You see, my aunt, that's what she taught me .....

I love you so much aunty Damaris. Adieu

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