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My Abundance Mindset

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

I’m frugal - This has helped me develop great personal financial management skills; - The ability to prioritize value to determine what I invest in and live comfortably within my means. It however comes with challenges; – Stress from feeling deprived or constrained because subconsciously my focus is on what I cannot afford which keeps me calculating in my head, even when I don’t need to.

Sometime last year it occurred to me that since the stress wasn’t really changing my end results, maybe I could do without it.

So I adopted my ‘Abundant Mindset’ which is simply this ----- I recognize that I have enough, I focus on what I have (what is available to me) versus what I cannot afford and I remind myself that for what I do need, there is always an option/solution for how to get it.

How did this impact me?

It didn’t make me careless with spending instead I was more content, less stressed, more grateful and more generous.

Instead of feeling bad about fore-going in a certain week (let’s say my manicure) because I diverted the funds to something else (like dinner with the boys) - I’m just grateful that I’m able to have dinner.

The knowledge that if I do need something, there is always a solution or option, helps me recognize opportunities and be prepared to take advantage of them when they happen.

Why? Because my mindset keeps me working towards a solution versus seeing the impossibilities or the deprivation.

The most important thing the Abundance mindset has done for me is that it opened up my attitude to recognizing other things I DO have that are not financial -

A lot to be grateful for,

A loving family,

Great friends,


An ability to earn an income,

Boundless joy,

Taste buds that allow me to savor and enjoy food in a way that make most people stare at me in wonder (lol).

I am surrounded by goodness, I am able to enjoy the beauty in nature, I have the boldness to try and fail, the strength to be vulnerable and the freedom to be unapologetic-ally me.

I have also become more generous with life.

I’d like to challenge you to recognize what you do have (YES you always HAVE something) and shift the focus to that. For what you need, resolve that you will find the solution. Be abundant in the grace you extend to others, your willingness to forgive, Be generous in listening and in bringing peace and calmness to others.

Your journey will be that much smoother and richer for it.


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