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Of Model Calls and Castings

Model calls are typically either for photo shoots or runway shows.

You can find model calls on Eventbrite, Facebook groups for models and photogs, and through modeling agencies. As you go to more calls, book more events and meet more people, opportunities become easier to find.

A few quick tips before going for one: Know what you are trying to get out of a model call ......

... An opportunity to walk for a designer?

... Your love and desire to explore your creativity?

... A chance to become published?

... A chance to showcase your modeling skills?

... Money?

Whatever it is, keep that in mind as you choose the model calls to attend. Find out who is facilitating the model call, the goal of the event, get a sense for how organized they are and the best way to network.

What to keep in mind at model calls: ....Breathe, then get out of your head! Don’t overthink it, just present you. .....Designers and fashion show organizers have ‘looks’ in mind for their design. Their selection is about the attire and the best way to showcase it. Don’t take it personal (especially if you’re not selected) ......Don’t let how other models look, Walk, or their skills, affect how you see yourself. Instead focus on what you can learn from them and how you can be supportive to each other. ......Finally always remember this ....because you’re wonderfully made ... in God’s own image.... you are beautiful, just the way you are!


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