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Your Personal Brand

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

We've all seen those .... A company that makes shoes, or soap or crude oil runs Ads on TV that focuses on doing good ...... or Ocean clean up ... not even their product! ‘Ever been in a situation where you find out the perception of you is completely different from your mind’s picture of YOU .....?

It's about Branding - how one is seen, what one is known for, recognized by, your audience’ initial thoughts when they see your name or get news of you.

As I’ve grown and learnt more about Personal Branding, Its become less about what I want to be known for and more about how that knowledge influences my daily decisions, thoughts, actions and how it impacts those around me.

Identifying [what do I care about, yearn for? What do I do well? what differentiates me? what makes my heart soar? what moves me to tears sometimes? what motivates and pushes me to act? what puts that sparkle in my eyes? Brightens my day? what topics interest me?] - and articulating my personal brand helps me each day to align what I want to be known for with my authentic self and become more intentional about being true to my brand.

A few examples of my daily experience with part of what I have identified as my Personal Brand;

I am fiercely devoted to learning and gaining knowledge - the excitement, empowerment and sense of accomplishment that comes from learning and knowing something new lights me up all the time! So in my career, spiritual life, family, business, skills development, conversations, relationships - I keep searching for that opportunity to learn. I don’t ever want to know it all.... there’s always something more and I’m committed to finding it and in doing so, grow, advance both myself and those within my sphere of influence.

Value is another part of my personal brand - What am I getting? What am I giving? How is what I’m doing leading to my success and wealth as well as that of my community. How am I using it? How am I creating value for my family, community, company, the world? What parts of my daily activities created value?

As we discover and define our Personal Brand, here's one goal worth reaching - That our audience and community recognizes us for the same things that drive and motivate us to live meaningful lives.


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05. Jan. 2020

Pretty good stuff! Please keep this coming. It’s helpful. Thank you so much for sharing.

Gefällt mir
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